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Happy Trails

Well, for my finial LiveJournal entry, I was going to write a big long last entry, but I was afraid I might get bombarded with "No, Matt, I need your journal to live!" Then I thought I'd just delete it mysteriously in the night, like you wake up one morning and Whoops where'd Matt's LiveJournal go? and see how many people actually noticed, but I decided that's no good cause sometimes I like to go back and read my old entries and it would take too much time and paper to print the whole thing out. So then I thought "A picture is worth a thousand words!" so I thought I'd just post a weird finial picture like setting my porcelain chicken on fire, so I rubbed some gasoline on him and lit a match but I guess I hadn't used enough gas cause I couldn't get him ignited, and I was afriad to use more lest I burn down the house with everyone sleeping inside (this was indoors last night, see). So I was pretty much despairing about what I was gonna do when I realized I never posted that great picture of me topless with a stick of butter and a plate of jello. Um, just for the record though, I have lost weight since then. Honest!

Who's that sexy guy?

Whelps, college starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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