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Happy Trails

Well, for my finial LiveJournal entry, I was going to write a big long last entry, but I was afraid I might get bombarded with "No, Matt, I need your journal to live!" Then I thought I'd just delete it mysteriously in the night, like you wake up one morning and Whoops where'd Matt's LiveJournal go? and see how many people actually noticed, but I decided that's no good cause sometimes I like to go back and read my old entries and it would take too much time and paper to print the whole thing out. So then I thought "A picture is worth a thousand words!" so I thought I'd just post a weird finial picture like setting my porcelain chicken on fire, so I rubbed some gasoline on him and lit a match but I guess I hadn't used enough gas cause I couldn't get him ignited, and I was afriad to use more lest I burn down the house with everyone sleeping inside (this was indoors last night, see). So I was pretty much despairing about what I was gonna do when I realized I never posted that great picture of me topless with a stick of butter and a plate of jello. Um, just for the record though, I have lost weight since then. Honest!

Who's that sexy guy?

Whelps, college starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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No, Matt, I need your journal to live! XD

Uh, I'll miss you. Even if I just found out you existed. XP *cryyyyy*
Hahahaha, I knew some smart-ass was going to say that. Um, no offense.

Don't fret, it's not really goodbye, after all. I'll still be with you.... *lowers voice to whisper* right here! *places fist over heart*

Anyways, see, you're lucky, you've still got two and a third years of archived journal to look thru. Most critics agree that my older work is better, back before I sold out to the man.

I think Windows XP ought to pay you, as much as you do that *makes some silly internet face to show that his comment is merely in jest*
Is WHAT my elbow? The thing in my icon? That'd be my Adam's apple. Or did you just randomly ask me about my elbow? Either way's cool. XP
why are you jumping ship?

and all i can say about the pic is "no comment."
That's okay, I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself.


April 3 2003, 12:27:37 UTC 15 years ago

yup Pbdq