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You jellin? I'm jellin like a felon. Care for some melon? Something about Magellan

This has always kind of bothered me: why is it that one in every three X-Men is blue? I was thinking about this, and I thought maybe it has to do with human evolution, because supposedly mutants are the next step in human evolution, right? So does that mean a century from now everyone will be blue and have super powers? I think it's kind of odd, though, that some non-normal color people appear in comics more often then others. Like there’s a ton of blue people, and a fair number of green people, and then some red people, and maybe a handful of white, black (not skin tones but actual white or black), and gold people. Then you've got other colors like purple.... you know, until recently, I think their was only one person ever in the history of comics to have purple skin. And do you know what his name was? The Purple Man. No kidding. That's how unusual it is. He provably never even bothered making up a super villain name for himself but that's just what everyone refers to him as. And since you're all wondering, his power was super persuasiveness, like people were compelled to obey him without him even doing anything, and the person he fought was DareDevil.

Which brings me to my whole thing with the DareDevil movie. Yeah, I saw it the day it came out, and yeah, I'm gonna buy the DVD the day it comes out, and I'm praying that it'll be a three hour R rated director's cut complete with missing Coolio sub-plot. But much as I may have enjoyed it, I really don't want them to make a sequel, and you could tell they tried to leave it open for one. I mean, now with Spider-Man, there’s so many different cool Spider-Man villains that you could easily make twelve movies without it ever getting boring, but with DareDevil you have Electra, Kingpin, Bullseye, and that's pretty much it. I mean, what are you going to do, have him fight The Purple Man? The Jester?(Joker rip-off) Echo?(almost exactly the same concept as Electra (enemy/lover) but the twist is she's deaf) That guy who turns into a bull and eats people?(basically he's a guy who turns into a bull and eats -well, you get the picture) If you made DareDevil 2, it's basically going to be DareDevil 1 all over again. You know, really, they just ought to give Bullseye his own movie. I'm not quite sure how'd that work but it'd be cool.
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