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It just dawned on me.... nobody's going to really think my last journal entry was funny (not like that ever happens anyways) because you probably all thought I made the word "maser" up. Well, I didn't, so poo on you!! What do they do, you ask? Well, they... mase. No, honest, they do!! Yeah, yeah, so I have absolutely no idea what "masing" is, but is that MY fault, I ask you? That's exactly what I had been trying to say. EVERYone knows what lasers and tasers and phasers are, thanks to the media. Okay, sure, lasers and tasers are both household items now, but would anyone know what the word "phaser" meant if Star Trek hadn't made it such an integral part of sci-fi-dom that it's now in every videogame and space opera in existence? Well, how come Kirk never felt the need to do any masing? It's all TV and video game's fault that I don't know what a maser is! Jerks. I'm lucky to have even known it was a word.

-tune in next week to "What Is Matt's Problem Anyway?" to find out exactly why is it he knew "maser" was a word if he doesn't know what it means-
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