The Fanta Menace (anonymuschicken) wrote,
The Fanta Menace


....okay, so I stopped writing in this thing like a year ago, but dammit, I just really wanted to post this somewhere!!

Which Road Waffles character am I?

You're Tash.
You're generally a good-natured friendly person with a positive outlook on life. Tedious work has made you desensitized, and sex, drugs and violence are pretty boring to you. You listen to a lot of music but have obscure tastes, shunning anything too mainstream. Despite being kind of cute and a nice person, nobody really wants to be more than friends with you, so you're always really lonely and bored.

....okay, I'm done now.
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Matt! Hey I don't know if you remember me, but I used to know you like four years ago. We used to terrorize LDS chatrooms, biting people's ankles. I was ThistleFeather on AIM and you were Mint O Matt. You had an Anonymus Chicken fan club. You made me laugh harder than I ever have in my life. Remember that??? Please say you do!
I hope I don't sound like some stalker fangirl, but I happened to find your journal and I knew right away it was you. :D
Fanta.. as in the awesome European drink that is now starting to make it's way over to Norta America? and since I got here through those interest things... Biting the Sun... as in the novel by Tanith Lee?
Yo man,

You should really pass the Watchmen community over to someone who can make the most of it.
Sorry, just to clarify...

I know you said you passed it to some Matt guy and all, but it staill has your name as mod, and it won't let anyone join without contacting you.

Let me know if there's anything I can do about this. I'd be really interested in getting it back up and running.
Okay, it's yours. Assuming I did it correctly. Feel free to remove me as a moderator. I told the last person I handed the reigns over to to do that, but apparently he never did. I don't think he really understood how to use the community functions. I barley did, which is part of the reason I never did more with the thing. In making you a maintainer I've found that they've completely reworked the system, and it seems to be waaaay easier to use now. Assuming I did it correctly. Well, good luck making my former community not suck!
thought you might be interested: stfu_fucktard
Aw, what a shame you're not using livejournal anymore. I thought we could've been good flist friends! *le sigh*

Followed from the Watchmen community.
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