The Fanta Menace (anonymuschicken) wrote,
The Fanta Menace

Dirty Dances with Wolves

Watched Beauty and the Beast today. Always did think it was cool the way the Beast's hands and feet morph into human hands and feet at the end, but I never did understand why beams of light shoot out of his toes. And it cracks me up how, even when the teapot turns back into a human, her name is still Mrs Pots. Even when a was just a lad watching this movie, though, I was still clever enough to do the math and realize that, the only way old lady teapot could have a child that young is if she was getting her freak on while in teapot form. Even more disturbing is that scene where she tells Chip "now get in the cupboard with your brothers and sisters" and it's filled with dozens and dozens of other teacups. I guess, being that old and having a child as young as Chip tells us that she must be exceptionally fertile, and being that old she's had plenty of time to get around, and what else do you have to do in an old castle all day ran by a huge heartless beast who probably doesn't do much tea drinking, so I guess it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but still.... *shudders* And incidentally, I realize I'm now officially nit-picking, but what the crap was he the prince of, anyways? His family must have been rich for him to have that huge castle but none of the nearby townsfolk seem to realize that their King used to live in the creature-infested castle their ransacking. Well, enough over-thinking things for one night. I'm off! bed, that is
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