The Fanta Menace (anonymuschicken) wrote,
The Fanta Menace

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screw lasers, tasers, and phasers. masers don't get enough play

I'd go to bed now, but that would only make the morning come faster, and tomorrow morning I'm getting one of my wisdom teeth extracted. Not only that but I've no dental insurance. Ever really thought about what the phrase "add insult to injury" means? It means that not only is the dentist going to inflict massive pain and suffering upon you, he's also going to charge you royally up the wazu for the privilage of allowing him to do so. Ah, well. Times like this I wish I was a boozer (or at least a social drinker) so I could just go out and get piss drunk out of nervousness instead of welling it all up inside so that I get psyically ill (or at the least, like in this case, bad diareah). Well, enough self pity. I'm better then all yall bitches!! Or something.
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