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I just read the comic book Ghostworld, just now for the first time from start to finish. Damn. It's really good. It made me really happy and really depressed at the same time. So remember the movie? Okay, remember the funny shirtless guy who's in the Red Hot Chili Pepper video? He's not in the comic. Remember the weird old guy who the entire movie is about and who Enid has sex with? He's in the comic for about one page. Remember that guy who worked at the convince store named Josh who you only saw about three times but it seemed like their should have been more about him? I'd have to say he's the third most important character in the comic. Remember all that stuff about the two main characters getting a house together? That's not in the comic. Remember the art classes Enid took? That's not in their either. Her drawing stuff is only actually mentioned once. You know how the ending of the movie was all random and surreal? Well the comic ends exactly the same way but it's not surreal at all and it makes complete sense. AND THEIR'S A REASON WHY IT'S CALLED "GHOST WORLD"!!!! Maybe not a good reason but the phrase "ghost world" actually does come up in the comic several times.

I had been all excited to see that movie as soon as it came out on video, and it did, and I wanted so hard to like it, and... it had so much fucking potential. Like, as much effort as the actors put into portraying the characters, and their outfits, and everything else.... if they had just had a good plot (like, oh, I don't know, the plot from the comic) then it would have been an extraordinary piece of cinematic filmy film film. So then after I saw the movie I of course wanted to read the comic, and I looked it up at Amazon but they didn't have it because at the time I don't think it had ever even been collected into hardback. Of course sense then the movie's gained a big enough cult following (?) that I actually came across it at the library. Libraries are awesome. Even pretentious Oakwood who has to have their own public library with a humungous movie section that you can reserve from and renew indefinitely, can't compete with the Downtown Library for graphic novels. Heh, i said "graphic novels", I'm such a dork. And actually, there's a difference, graphic novels have a hardback cover, not a magazine cover, so people who get mad when others say "comics" and correct them like "It's GRAPHIC NOVELS" should get their head beat in with a shovel -why am I all anger ridden and wishing violence upon others all the time?- I mean, they should be given a stern lecture and warranted a situation.

- note: spell checker couldn't figure out what word I meant by "humongous" so deal with it. I only bother checking spell about half the time anyways (obviously). I can't believe it let "filmy" slide, that's a word? But "anyways" isn't, go figure.

- a second note: i'm not listening to music which means I felt like I should put something witty and/or clever in the "current music" box, which inspired me to share that today I came to the revelation that "Cake - Fashion Nugget" is pretty much my all-time favorite cd. So yup, now I have one. I couldn't fit all that into the wee lil' box though but I know the thousands and thousands of people who avidly read my LiveJournal every day were simply besides themselves with anticipation to find out so I figured I'd better make mention of it.

- and on that note: toodles
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