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Thugs, Bones, and Hominy

Hotmail just informed me I had twenty-seven new e-mails. "Twenty-seven new e-mails!", I said excitedly, my lips moist in anticipation, my palms sweaty and trembling, "watch only two of them be anything I actually care about!" So it turns out that all of them were junk mail, but so determined was I to get at least two e-mails that I care about today, I decided to pick out a couple subject lines to share with you. One of them was "Booty Bangin", which is so catchy that I'm amazed it isn't a rap song by Jay-Z yet (watch Mike e-mail me and tell me that actually it is), and one titled "Ranchy Blowjobs". I guess that's not so funny but what I wanted to know is, as opposed to what? Boring wholesome blowjobs? Hahahaha, "Boring Wholesome Blowjobs" would be a wicked awesome name for a punk band. Or at least an album by a punk band. And their newest single could be called "Booty Bangin". And if someone reads this and decides to rip off my ideas, at least show a brother some love and send me free tickets. Peace man. Big up to Biggie in Heaven.
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