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i hurt: when I really have to use the bathroom but keep holding it for a long long time

i love: corn chips

i hate: a lack of corn chips

i cry: over spilt corn chips

i fear: that some day their will be no corn chips left, anywhere

i hope: that someday I can learn to make my OWN corn chips

i sadden: is that even gramaticly correct?

i feel alone: when their's no one around

i kill: myself...... WITH HUMOR!!! Hahahahahaha. I sure hope somebody else thinks I'm anywhere near as funny as I do.

i talk: to myself. Frequently. Often audibily.

i listen: to music... BUT IT'S NOT A HOBBY!! Frequent readers of this journal, look for a rant on that coming soon.

i break: dance! Not really, but I wish. Ever sinse I was a kid. I've tried, too. I still think that would be the most awesome thing in the world, like I'm randomly at the mall, and I just suddenly drop to the floor and curl into a half-ball and start spinning around on my bum.

i see: dead people! I wonder if everyone puts that for this question? You'd think so, but then I think most people do like the person I stole this from and put short serious pseudo-profound answers.

i smell: like Irish Spring! Well, I never thought so, but Big Momma at work always thought I smelled like Irish Spring. She likes a man who smells good. Actually, I don't think she's all that picky, but hey.

i taste: like chicken! For some reason I actually feel like going off at great length about how great I taste, but I can't really think how that makes any sense. I'm probally just in the mood for some lovin'.

i work: not any more I don't! I quit my job at the pizza dough factory a couple weeks ago to reattend college. Also, cause working in the freezer all the time was making me ill and i got mondo sick (yes, mondo) right after I quit. How sick is mondo sick, you may ask? ....actually, you probally shouldn't, cause it was pretty gross. Anyways, I'm trying to get back into college, but sinse I flunked out last time, I had to write a big long line of bull about how I've learned my lesson and changed my ways, and now I'm waiting back on a response. The wait is killing me, softly, with it's love.

i remember: stuff that happened to me when I was a little kid, but not stuff that happened last week. It's like I've bypassed my young adult years and leaped directly into being a senior citizen.

i hold: a degree in kicking your ass! Nah, it's just this question is so damn obtuise, I can't even think of a clever smart-alleck answer.

i wish: heh. Take a gander at my last filled out internet survey to see how I feel about questions like this.

i steal: when I'm not on my medication? I steal figitive glances at the girl across the hall whom I'm too afriad to reveal my true feelings to? I steal on a nightly baises from the pool hall across the street? What are they even going for here?

i hide: while others seek. Ooooooh, profound!

i walk: with a pep in my step and Clyde in my stride!

i drive: i wish.

i touch: myself and groan loudly. In public. And people point and squint and say "why is that man gropping his own elbows?"

i read: but not as much as I'd like. I mean, I enjoy reading books for entertainment, but I never really do it anymore and I don't have any particular reason why. Just lazy, I 'spoze.

i burn: with desire for the perfect beef roast

i breath: every day.

i play: VIDEO GAMES!! *turns into the football coach from that one Snicker's commercial*

i miss: You know what? I just don't think I can do the rest of this survey. When I started out I thought it would lend itself well to funny sarcastic answers but now I don't even feel like trying. I need more specific questions, like "How many pillows do you have on your bed" and "tube socks or heel socks" and "spam: it's not just for company anymore".

i learn:

i feel:

i know:

i said:

i dream:

i have:

i want:

i fall:

i wait:

i need:

i live:

i die:
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